Varsity Boat Race - Call Center

Call Center for Varsity Boat Race online system was established in order to provide quality service with fast, accurate, efficient and effective through a phone call those receive from institutions/contingents to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.

For General Enquiries :

Telephone No: Shahril - Untuk berkaitan Peraturan

Ahmad Fadhil - Untuk Sistem

Operational Hour 
Monday to Friday: 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM.
Closed on Saturday & Sunday / Public Holiday.


  • To provide fast, accurate, efficient and effective central services for all institutions/contingents
  • To ensure a smooth athlete’s registration process
  • To ensure all issues & problems reported by  institutions/contingents through this service can be solved systematically and completely


  • Receive report, inquiry, and responses from institutions/contingents
  • Provide information and solutions from the report, inquiry and responses receive from institutions/contingents
  • Referring report, enquiry and responses to responsible personnel


Sistem Varsity Boat Race 2022